(March 2009)

The so-called burning bush that spoke to Moses was in all probability a mushroom of fiery appearance, whose flame was flesh but did not consume the flesh. As vast forests of Mediterranean pine and oak once extended across northern Africa and the Middle East, the burning bush was most likely a species of Amanita fungus, whose life is intricately bound with these trees and whose mushrooms turn a fiery golden red, not unlike the sun refracted orange-red through a smoky atmosphere.

Although European colonisation has introduced these species of trees and fungi to Australia, which now thrive in the cool and moist south-east corner of this island continent, Australia already had an indigenous version of the burning bush that still thrives amongst the eucalypts, ferns, grasses and other native vegetation, but whose mushrooms exhibit a fiery blue and gold appearance, not unlike a flame of natural gas or the sun blazing through a clear blue sky. Classed amongst the psilocybin species, these mushrooms are also capable of generating inspiring images, thoughts and words, and of giving life-fulfilling direction.

To all those that have lost family, friends, property or possessions or have otherwise been affected by the bushfires, these mushrooms represent gifts from the earth that can help you steer through the haze and build a better and brighter future, far more than what might otherwise be gained from a sole reliance on materialism or government. These fungi regularly fruit following the first rains of autumn (not that far away now) and often continue to do so into the depths of winter. When properly harvested, dried, stored and used, these mushrooms can provide many years of excellent and extraordinary service.


(February 2009)

FungiTecture offers its deepest condolences to the families, friends and acquaintances of those that lost their lives to the bushfires that are still raging across this most beautiful but drought-affected garden state of Victoria, and greatly sympathises with all those injured or who have lost property or other possessions to this dreadful scourge.

We also wish to express our sincerest gratitude and highest regard to all those that have contributed to fighting the fires and helping the survivors.

While FungiTecture is situated close to but a safe distance from the tragic scene of the bushfires, we are thankful that none of our immediate family, friends or staff has suffered any direct loss.

However it may never be clear to what extent the bushfires will affect the muketa or fungi living in and around the fire ravaged areas. Although fungi mostly live underground or in other out of site places, the fires have consumed vast amounts of organic matter, and in some places the intense heat of the fires has deeply scorched the upper layer of earth and even caused streams of molten metals to flow. Yet fungi can survive the bareness of ash, whose hyphae find it relatively easy to penetrate chared or powdery remains in their constant search for sustenance, and whose unrequited efforts remain forever vital to the rejuvenation of the land.


(January 2009)

May the oil-sucking Earth-F***ing Shrub dubbed the Weed retire in peace. Amen.

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