15 Minute Macaroni (serves 2)
Macaroni (shells or spirals)
Olive Oil/Butter
1 clove garlic
300g short bacon
100g fresh Agaricus campestrus or bisporus mushrooms
Red or green capsicum (pepper)
2 eggs
Eggful of milk/cream
Parmessan, salt, pepper, etc.

As water (with salt and oil/butter to taste) for the macaroni is brought to boil, chop up garlic, bacon, mushrooms and capsicum to suit.
Whisk eggs in small bowl, add dash of milk/cream, pepper to taste, and let stand.
When water boils, add macaroni. Add oil/butter to frypan and saute garlic, bacon, mushrooms and capsicum in that order.
When macaroni is done, drain well. Drain excess oil/fat from frypan and then add macaroni, mixing all ingredients.
Turn up heat to frypan and stir in egg mix. As soon as egg mix begins to set, remove pan from heat and serve in warmed bowls. Add parmessan, salt, pepper, etc to taste.

Beer and mushrooms (a match made in heaven)
Add one or more mushrooms to fresh beer. Let stand for a few minutes but occassionally swirl to allow the beer to leach nutrients from the mushrooms and to allow the fungus to process nutrients in the beer. Experiment with different fungi and beers for different taste and other effects. Best consumed slowly.

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