A gift or donation to FungiTecture provides important support of our research into the history of interaction between mankind and fungi. As FungiTecture regards fungi as key to human evolution and development, our research must span many lands and epochs, and delve deeply into many ancient cultures. A vast amount of material has already been unearthed, an even greater amount has yet to be discovered and revealed.

Supporters of FungiTecture enable the ongoing development and display of this website, its educational material and public exhibits, and may contribute towards a series of books, documentary films, and perhaps even an epic movie or two. However, as FungiTecture operates with limited resources and relies 100% upon sales and private funding, some of our major projects may not fruit for several years.

Estate Planning

Estate planning provides a unique opportunity to make a significant contribution in support of FungiTecture. Please consult with your financial advisor or estate planner on future ways to support FungiTecture.


As FungiTecture is not a registered charity nor tax exempt, your gift or donation to FungiTecture may not be tax deductible. However, investment in our major projects may provide significant tax concessions. Please consult with your financial advisor or tax specialist.

FungiTecture appreciates your kind and generous support and hopes you gain much from our site.

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