About Us

The term fungitecture was initially coined to describe the peculiar resemblance between certain ancient styles of monumental architecture and the fruit of one or other species of fungus. However, fungitecture may also serve as an umbrella term covering a much wider field of human endeavour, wherever fungus lore, imagery or substance has been invoked.

With the enduring legacy of the ancient monuments shining as a beacon towards a greater understanding of fungi, FungiTecture has set out to reveal the extraordinary influence of one particular species of fungus upon mankind. Classed scientifically as Amanita muscaria, this fungus deserves to be renamed Amanitas (h)umanitas. As in nature, this fungus operates at root level, without which nations may drift astamina and soon perish.

Based in southeast Australia (opposite Tasmania - another anagram of amanitas!), FungiTecture tables a diverse range of goods and services primarily intended to enlighten, inspire or amuse. FungiTecture is constantly striving to improve and expand upon its range of amenities, and is working towards releasing a series of books, films and other media focussed on fungi.

However, FungiTecture has no intention of selling or supplying actual fungi, nor any equipment or material specifically designed to grow, harvest, store or manipulate same - so please do not even ask! Nevertheless, and notwithstanding the ubiquity of fungal spores, some of our products may contain elements made from or with the help of one or other fungus, including but not limited to fabrics, inks and dyes, fuels, solvents, enzymes and other process agents. FungiTecture intends to declare the existence of fungal elements within its products as information comes to hand.

While nations may struggle to reconcile their environmental responsibilities, mankind remains under constant threat of destruction by mushroom cloud, whether man-made or natural. Despite the inevitable, FungiTecture believes a deeper and more widespread understanding of fungi is vital to our achievement and enjoyment of a sustainable future.

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